Beagle Drones ‘Nova’ Kickstarter delayed by one week

Beagle Drones Featured Image

A new sub-250 gram CineWhoop drone designed by US startup Beagle Drones has been delayed for its Kickstarter launch. The “Nova” was supposed to be launch on October 27, but scheduling at Kickstarter has pushed it back until November 3.

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Awesome startup Beagle Drones teases new sub-250g CineWhoop

Why do we call these guys “Awesome?” Because we’re big fans of the Beagle Drones business model, which we’ll explore later in the story. We’re also huge fans of what this startup is about to do: Launch a very well-thought-out CineWhoop on Kickstarter later this month. And we have some deets… right now.

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