DJI OM 5: DJI’s smartphone stabilizer gets a selfie stick

dji om 5

Confirming the suspicions raised by DJI’s recent FCC filings, the company has gone ahead and released the new OM 5 smartphone gimbal with a built-in 215mm extension rod. The latest addition to the popular Osmo Mobile series comes with an upgraded phone clamp and new software features that enable effortless content creation.

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DJI teases September 8 product release

Okay, then. September usually means the tech industry’s fall product launch season, and DJI plans to top our list with a possible product unveiling slated for September 8.

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DJI OM 5 gimbal likely to come with a built-in selfie stick

A new listing from DJI has hit the FCC database with the name DJI OM 5 – indicating that the release of Osmo Mobile 5, the latest smartphone gimbal from DJI, is imminent.

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