EMS drones are being used to save South African patients

Drones save South African patients

The Western Cape Health Department in South Africa has been using drones for the last couple of months to reach patients in less time. The drones have been used to carry automated external defibrillators to cardiac arrest scenes, allowing bystanders to step in.

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Futuristic ambulance concept uses a drone to clear the way

A futuristic ambulance design concept by a design duo at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts uses a drone to clear the way of anyone or thing. The ambulance forgoes the usual design for a futuristic autonomous design with a built-in drone.

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Caltech’s big idea: a 150 mph drone ambulance

A self-flying ambulance that will get to the scene of an accident much, much faster than any traditional ambulance would. A drone ambulance, that would be able to get there during those first few critical minutes, right after the accident happened, when lives can still be saved. Sounds crazy? Well, Caltech is working on it in their new drone lab, the Center for Autonomous Systems and Technologies (CAST) that opened last Tuesday.

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