YouTuber builds flying machine with 50 drone motors, 3D printer, duct tape

flying machine drone motors

Aviation buff and YouTuber Peter Sripol may have succeeded in creating a paramotor with his 3D printer, 50 drone motors, hot glue, and duct tape. But his warning to anyone watching the video below is pretty straightforward: “Don’t try this at home. Definitely, definitely don’t do any of this at home.”

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Check out this “rhomboidal” drone wing design

We stumbled across a pretty intriguing wing design the other day – along with a company that plans to put it into a drone. Let’s just say it’s unlike any traditional design you’ve likely seen before.

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Bird-like drone flaps its wings and uses thermals for lift

Less than one week ago, we posted this article about how drone design takes inspiration from birds (and even insects) when it comes to designing the aircraft. This latest drone study from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in collaboration with ISAE-Supaéro takes it even a step further. The bird-like drone would have flapping wings and sense gusts and thermals to help it gain speed and altitude. Just like real birds.

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