Microsoft launches drone simulation software Project AirSim

Microsoft Project AirSim drone

Microsoft is offering a preview of its new AI-powered simulator for drones, flying taxis, and other advanced aerial mobility (AAM) vehicles. Project AirSim can be used to build, train, and test autonomous drones through hyper-realistic simulations of real-world scenarios. The goal is to help drone makers encode autonomy without the need for deep expertise in AI.

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How to use Drone Racing League Simulator on your iPad

If you own a recent-model Mac and iPad, you can now use the iPad as a portable, secondary display for your computer using a feature called Sidecar. This is a great way to use software, such as a drone simulator, on an iPad, even if there isn’t a mobile version of the program. Here’s how I used Sidecar to get my favorite simulator, DRL Sim for Mac, running on an iPad.

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