Like Gremsy gimbal stabilizers? They’re making drone payloads too now

gremsy drone payload sensor zio

Gremsy, one of the most popular developers of camera gimbal stabilizers, is expanding its product portfolio with the company’s first-ever drone payload Zio. It’s a high-resolution zoom payload that can be best utilized in industrial applications such as asset inspections, surveying, and public safety jobs.

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Gremsy now offers a two-axis version of its T3V3 drone gimbal

Gimbal manufacturer Gremsy says it has developed a two-axis version of its popular T3V3 drone camera stabilizer, following demand from enterprise users. The new two-axis T3V3 gimbal offers unrestricted top-to-bottom visibility for applications such as land surveying, 2D and 3D LiDAR mapping, and aerial inspection of assets and infrastructure such as wind turbines, power lines, and bridges.

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New Gremsy drone gimbal for mapping, surveying can lift up to 9kg

Gremsy, one of the most popular developers of camera gimbal stabilizers for drones, has announced its latest product, the Aevo heavy-lift carbon gimbal. According to the company, Aevo comes with the highest payload capacity ever (9kg) for industrial applications.

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