DJI introduces Knowledge Quiz for drone pilots in Australia

After launching the Knowledge Quiz for drone pilots in the U.S. and U.K. last year, DJI introduced the quiz in Australia and that is a good thing. Many hobbyist drone pilots do not have a sufficient level of understanding of the rules and regulations that apply as soon as they launch their unmanned aerial vehicles into the air. The lack of understanding is supported by the recent FAA ASSURE study that pointed out the importance of education and safety regulation for drones and drone pilots. It was also painfully made clear when the drone pilot who flew his Phantom 4 into an Army helicopter over Staten Island showed only a “general cursory awareness of regulations and good operating practices.” There are only a handful of really important rules that one needs to understand before flying a drone. Please take the time to learn the rules that apply in the country in which you are flying your drone. It will go a long way to increase the safety of people onboard manned aircraft and it will keep you out of trouble.

The rules that apply to drone pilots differ from country to country. For the U.S. you can find them here.

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DJI Knowledge Quiz goes live in the UK today

After introducing the DJI Knowledge Quiz in the US in November, DJI’s latest effort to reduce drone incidents is going live in the UK today. All DJI drone pilots in the UK will have to successfully answer a set of questions before being able to launch their drones. DJI’s move comes prior to government plans to introduce a safety awareness test for drone users in 2018.

Drones sales this Holiday season are expected to almost double the number of drones in the UK airspace. At the same time, a recent study of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) showed that an estimated 27% of all new drone owners are unaware of the aviation rules and regulations surrounding their new unmanned aerial vehicles.

DJI’s effort to educate (new) drone owners is a sensible step that other drone manufacturers may want to follow.

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DJI GO 4 app updated with Knowledge Quiz for iOS – Version 4.1.18

Time to update your DJI GO 4 app to version 4.1.18 with the new DJI Knowledge Quiz if you (or your phone) haven’t done so already.

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