Quiz Stories December 21, 2017

After introducing the DJI Knowledge Quiz in the US in November, DJI’s latest effort to reduce drone incidents is going live in the UK today. All DJI drone pilots in the UK will have to successfully answer a set of questions before being able to launch their drones. DJI’s move comes prior to government plans to introduce a safety awareness test for drone users in 2018.

Drones sales this Holiday season are expected to almost double the number of drones in the UK airspace. At the same time, a recent study of theĀ Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) showed that an estimated 27% of all new drone owners are unaware of the aviation rules and regulations surrounding their new unmanned aerial vehicles.

DJI’s effort to educate (new) drone owners is a sensible step that other drone manufacturers may want to follow.

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Quiz Stories October 25, 2017

Recently a study in New Zealand showed that “lack of education” was considered to be the biggest risk from drones and drone pilots to people on the ground as well as other manned aircraft in the air.

Micheal Murray, DJI’s VP of Policy and Legal Affairs introduced today a new quiz program that requires pilots when they first start up their new drone to go through a set of 9 questions. These 9 questions need to be answered correctly before they can fly their newly acquired drone. The questions in the DJI Knowledge Quiz are very similar to the type of questions one would be required to answer in the Part 107 exam and was developed together with the FAA. Of course, 9 questions don’t cover the same scope of a Part 107 exam but for the regular consumer and drone pilot, it is at least a start. This quiz only needs to be performed once before the initial flight of a new drone.

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