Drone research confirms Pyrenees’ glaciers vanishing amid climate change

Drone public UK

Climate change researchers have used a range of drone technologies to confirm fears that southern Europe’s largest glaciers in the Pyrenees mountains are rapidly melting amid rising temperatures – and may soon disappear altogether.

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Update: What you need to know when flying your drone in the mountains

Flying your drone high in the mountains is no easy task. If you go really high up, like what was done by Bartek Bargiel in the rescue of Rick Allen, you may even have to de-restrict your drone through a hack. At high altitudes, the air has a lower density, which makes it more difficult for your drone to fly. Lower temperatures also diminish your battery’s performance. This French video (English subtitled) explains in great detail what’s involved when flying your drone in the mountains.

Updated on 10/22/2018 with the video Part 2.

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