Parrot Anafi Stories December 31, 2020

It’s the last day of 2020, so we thought we’d share the drones we think stood out from the rest, putting them at the top of the list. These drones might not be the best in every way, but we think they each have aspects that make them shine in the market. Here they are in no specific order.

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Parrot Anafi Stories December 8, 2020

Parrot’s Anafi drones now compatible with UgCS

SPH Engineering has announced that Parrot’s ANAFI UAV platform can now take advantage of its Universal Ground Control Software. This opens the door to expand the ANAFI’s mission planning and data collection capabilities.

Parrot Anafi Stories July 16, 2020

Parrot recently announced its ANAFI USA drone focused on the US Army and data security-sensitive companies. Today Parrot partnered with WISeKey to further secure its drones and the data they produce by utilizing WISeKey’s digital security technologies.

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Parrot Anafi Stories July 7, 2020

Drone maker Parrot has partnered with Florida-based Airborne International Response Team (AIRT) to provide first responders with drone support when needed. Parrot will be providing its latest ANAFI USA commercial drone to the AIRT.

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Parrot Anafi Stories June 30, 2020

Parrot has just released a brand new drone.

The company hopes the ambitious new drone will find a niche with first responders and enterprise users. It’s called the ANAFI USA – a name that touts its Made-in-America status at a time when there’s been some push-back against Chinese-made drones over alleged security concerns. The product will retail for $7,000 US and features an array of sensors including thermal and 32X optical imagery, as well as enhanced data security features.

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Parrot Anafi Stories April 16, 2020

The lines between consumer, enterprise, and now military drones continue to blur. This week, French drone maker Parrot announced that it’s in the final stage of competition to provide short range reconnaissance drones to the US Army. Getting to that stage required a lot of assurances for a government wary of foreign drone makers. expand full story

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