Today’s drone video – FPV race drone vs. Sebastien Loeb

Today's drone video - FPV race drone vs. Sebastien Loeb

Today’s drone video: little over a week ago, this video was posted on YouTube by RED- FPV and it blew me away when I first saw it. I mean, we all know that rally cars are fast and exciting, but normally the cameras used to record rally races are fixed. Well, not anymore. FPV racing drones provide amazing footage of all kinds of actions sports, including rally racing. Heck flying the drone the way these guys do is as much of a skill as what Sebastien Loeb does in his World Rally Championship car.

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Today’s drone video – Knife in the ocean

Good morning, today’s drone video is from the hand of – GECOtzt-. The video was shot with a DJI Mavic Pro, a GoPro 6 and a Canon 6D and 70D. The video happens to focus on one of my favorite pastimes, kiteboarding. Can’t wait for Spring to start and temperatures to rise… Wait a minute… ;-)

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Today’s drone video – MTB on Irish enduro trails

Today’s drone video. Watch this short Red Bull clip with Greg Callaghan flying down one of the Irish enduro trails. Part of the footage was shot with an fpv racing drone, a sure way to get some amazing action footage. Enjoy!

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