DroneRise – Message from DJI, Pro drone shots, 149.5 mph drone speed record, geofencing and more…

DroneRise - Pro drone shots, 149.5 mph drone speed record, geofencing and more...

Good morning, today I woke up to find an email from DJI in my inbox in which they say that the delay of the launch event is not due to a design failure of the gimbal but that DJI wants “to ensure what we deliver to the market is up to our standard of innovation and we will have enough products available to ship to our customers when we do launch the product.” Without telling us what exactly the issue is, DJI stresses that it needs to meet their ‘standard of innovation’ which still seems to point to a technical problem with the product as well as having enough inventory available. That second part is interesting and is the first time we hear about the availability of the product being part of the reason to postpone the “See the bigger Picture Event.” DJI’s email ended with DJI acknowledging that there is: “a lot of excitement in the market on what’s to come, so we will definitely keep everyone posted when we are ready to make an official announcement.” No word on when that might be though…

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Today’s video

Today’s video is from Kevin Yoki who grabbed some quick drone footage as he was passing through San Francisco a few days ago. It is short, sweet and creative. Have a look.

Update: somebody tipped us that the Golden Gate is a National Park and therefor all drone flights are prohibited. Thank you for the tip!

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