Eachine Red Devil — What is a toothpick drone?

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The Eachine Red Devil is a fun drone for beginners and experts alike. It is a toothpick style drone which is gaining popularity quickly. They are small, ultra-lightweight drones that fly a lot like a full-blown 5″ freestyle quad. You can do flips and rolls with a toothpick like the Red Devil but because it is smaller and quieter it won’t draw a crowd. If you are looking for a fun drone that won’t break the bank then you will want to take a look at the $93 Eachine Red Devil.

Eachine Red Devil

Toothpick drones are essentially brushless tiny whoops on stretched out frames. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes but in general, they are 100-125 mm in size. The Red Devil is a mix of the Eachine Trashcan and Mobula HD.  It has the Trashcan canopy and camera and the Mobula motors, VTX, and flight controller.

This Eachine Reddevil is one of the smaller toothpick drones at 105 mm. It is super light, weighing only 38 grams. You can fly it on either a 2S or a 3S battery and you’ll get plenty of punch with whichever option you choose. It gets its power from 1102 8700 KV motors. It uses a Crazybee F4 v2.1 all-in-one flight controller. I picked up a FrSky version and you can bind it using the CLI by typing bind then connecting to your remote. It is a fairly simple process.

The video transmitter is switchable from 25-200 mW but I still wasn’t impressed with the range of this little drone. I would say you’ll have to stay close to 100-200 meters for good video quality. The camera has excellent color. It is the Caddx E0S2 and is a 16:9 camera. I personally prefer the 16:9 image but I know that some people use FPV goggles that don’t switch out of 4:3. I flew in 4:3 to see what it was like and it is certainly doable. Had I not known this was a 16:9 picture I probably would not have noticed.

Flying the Red Devil

The Eachine Red Devil is a blast to fly. It really performs quite well for such a tiny quad. I believe this is an excellent way to practice. Crashing the Red Devil isn’t nearly as nerve-racking as crashing a big, heavy 5″. People don’t seem to mind me flying the toothpick at the park, but the 5″ drone brings people and questions. Batteries are cheaper for little drones and also charge a lot quicker. There really is a lot to love about flying a little drone. Especially a little drone that performs like a big quad.

Eachine RedDevil Cons

Yes, this drone is a lot of fun to fly but it does have some negatives. The camera is prone to jello. The canopy design isn’t the sturdiest and the Caddx tends to pick up the vibrations. Eachine included a bit of foam to help, and it does. However, if you remove it you’ll get the full jello experience. That is the biggest negative on the Eachine Red Devil.

Take a look at the Red Devil in between the Trashcan and Mobula 7 HD.

I would highly recommend adding a bit of hot glue over the UFL connector on the antenna coming from the VTX. Mine popped off after a crash and I had to go back home to re-attach it. I’ve had these issues on multiple drones and adding a bit of glue seems to do the trick.

Should you get an Eachine Red Devil?

I would say that a toothpick style drone is an excellent quad for pilots at any level. It is a great way to learn how to fly. It is also a great way to fly under the radar. If you like flying freestyle then I would recommend taking a look at the Eachine Red Devil.

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