Eachine Stories September 10

The Eachine Tyro69 is a low-cost brushless toothpick-style quadcopter. It comes as kit that is fairly simple and is nearly plug-and-play. If you haven’t built a drone before, the Tyro series are probably the easiest to learn on. While the Tyro 69 is typically a low $69, right now it is on sale for just $60. Is that too good to be true? expand full story

Eachine Stories August 15

We have flown a handful of different cinewhoop style drones. The Eachine Cinecam stands apart from the Beta85x HD, Mobula  HD, and the iFlight Cinebee. It uses a similarly small and compact form but packs both a 4K camera and a dedicated FPV camera. It is most definitely the top dog when it comes to tiny little cinematic whoop style drones. expand full story

Eachine Stories August 7

The Eachine Tyro 129 is a low-cost, do it yourself GPS drone kit. This 7″ quadcopter is easy to put together and ideal for anyone that is looking to try their hand at drone building. The Tyro 129 is $129 and comes with all the components you need to put it together. You’ll have to add a battery, receiver, and use your remote to get it off the ground. I found it to be a smooth flyer and swapped out the camera for a RunCam Split 3 to capture smooth HD video. expand full story

Eachine Stories August 6

The Eachine Red Devil is a fun drone for beginners and experts alike. It is a toothpick style drone which is gaining popularity quickly. They are small, ultra-lightweight drones that fly a lot like a full-blown 5″ freestyle quad. You can do flips and rolls with a toothpick like the Red Devil but because it is smaller and quieter it won’t draw a crowd. If you are looking for a fun drone that won’t break the bank then you will want to take a look at the $93 Eachine Red Devil. expand full story

Eachine Stories October 14, 2018

The E010 is a small ducted drone that you can pick up on Amazon for less than $25. While it may be an inexpensive drone, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a lot of fun to fly. You won’t find a camera or any advanced features on this little guy, but it is still big on fun. This little quadcopter is excellent for flying indoors when the weather is bad or for learning how to fly. Read on to learn the hidden capabilities of the E010 and what similar drones may be an even better suited for you.

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