Insta360 ONE R modular 3-in-1 action camera

Insta360 ONE R camera webcam

Insta360 has released its latest camera, the Insta360 ONE R, a modular 3-in-1 action camera giving users choice in the way they want to capture video. The ONE R has a 1-inch camera sensor module, a 360 camera module, and a standard wide-angle module. I’m interested to see where this new take on the action camera goes.

The Insta360 ONE R was shown off at CES this week, and it impressed the crowd. The ONE R takes the humble action camera and turns it into an interesting game-changer.

The ONE R was co-engineered with Leica to create the most impressive camera module of the bunch, the 1-inch module. The 1-inch module adds a 1-inch sensor to a tiny action camera package allowing for better low-light performance at 5.3K 30 fps.

Insta360 ONE R is connected via the bright red camera module at the bottom, joining the camera module and display module together. Both modules are reversible. The only issue I can see is the small size of the screen and the fact that it’s square.

All camera modules are waterproof to 5 meters, have voice control, HDR photos, and FlowState stabilization. The 1-inch module is capable of night lapses producing trailing stars and 19 MP photos. The 360 module takes 5.7K 360 videos, auto-frame, point to track, and slow-motion video.

What do you think of the Insta360 ONE R? Will you be purchasing one, and if so, what module/s will you get? Let us know in the comments below.

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Photo: Insta360

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