Ultimate coronavirus drone footage roundup: USA, China, Italy, Spain, and more

drone coronavirus footage

The novel coronavirus has had an incredible impact on some of the biggest urban centers in the world, shutting them down for weeks and months to slow the spread. This has unsurprisingly led to some post-apocalyptic footage from drone operators in those areas. Rightfully so, since this might actually be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture what the world’s busiest cities look like when most everyone stays indoors. Here’s some of the best coronavirus drone footage so far…

USA: Coronavirus drone footage from New York, Los Angeles, and more

United States coastal cities have definitely been hit the hardest by the new coronavirus, particularly New York City, Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles, and South Florida.

New York City, New York

New York City is by far one of the hardest-hit cities yet, and the drone footage captured in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak shows a very sleepy and quiet ambience for the city that never sleeps.

The below video is from the earlier stages of the outbreak, and things are even quieter now than they were then.

Los Angeles, California

LA is the media and cultural heartbeat of the country, and seeing a city on lockdown beneath the Hollywood sign is certainly something. Check out the footage below for a deserted Santa Monica pier and more.

Boston, Massachusetts

Coronavirus drone footage from Boston, Massachusetts is similar to other northeastern US cities, showing “some of the city’s busiest spots, in the middle of a weekday, almost completely devoid of people.”

Nashville, Tennessee

The coronavirus drone footage out of Nashville is particularly tragic, as the city experienced back-to-back tragedies just as COVID-19 was starting to hit. The footage below doesn’t show a ghost town quite yet, but Nashville — and many other major cities in flyover country — will probably be more desolate sooner rather than later.

Chicago, Illinois

This drone video, made by Antoine Tissier, shows the deserted Chicago streets during the coronavirus outbreak in 2020.

Detroit, MI

China: Coronavirus drone footage from Wuhan and more

Wuhan, China

The original epicenter of the outbreak is now in the early stages of getting back to normal, but drone footage that was captured at the peak of the outbreak in Wuhan captures how things looked in a city of 11 million on lockdown.

Europe: Coronavirus drone footage from London, Spain, Italy, and more

London, UK

Milan, Italy

This coronavirus drone footage shows various highways near Milan, Italy. As you can see, the city as of a couple of weeks ago was still essentially empty as the Italian government imposed a nationwide lockdown. Italy has passed the peak of its coronavirus curve at this point, so things should start going back to normal soon.

We covered this footage earlier this month.

Paris, France

Zurich, Switzerland

Some more footage that we covered earlier this month as part of our regularly scheduled coronavirus footage coverage, the below video from Andy Krischan & Nico Leuthold from www.drone-air-media.ch was sent to us. You can see all the eerily empty streets of Zurich, Switzerland below.

And more

We’ll be keeping this post updated over the coming weeks s more coronavirus drone footage appears across the web from various urban centers. Be sure to send us a tip using the form here if you have some footage you would like us to include!

Be sure to check out our coronavirus guide to keep in the loop on how drones are affecting this moment in history — from being used in the fight directly to capturing footage of its aftermath. Let us know what you think of all this drone footage in the comments below.

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