Parrot partners with Hoverseen offering a drone-in-a-box

Parrot Hoverseen drone-in-a-box

French drone maker Parrot has partnered with Hoverseen, which creates automated drone-in-a-box systems. The partnership will give Parrot’s ANAFI Thermal and ANAFI USA the ability to deploy via Hoverseen boxes.

Parrot’s ANAFI drones will be retrofitted to work with Hoverseen, making the ANAFI drones capable of acquiring data then returning to a charging station. The drones be able to take off, land, charge, and transfer data autonomously without people around.

Jerome Bouvard, Parrot’s director of strategic partnership, believes it’s a good fit:

Parrot is working to drive the next evolution of organizational security with our ANAFI drones by partnering with industry leaders like Hoverseen. Our latest partnership is sure to deliver a cost-effective, unique, and secure surveillance and inspection solution to organizations in every industry.

Hoverseen founding President Eric Villiers had this to say:

As an automatic drone-in-a-box solution provider we were looking for a lightweight cost-effective drone, integrating the best technology available. We are proud to be working with Parrot to pair our Smart Aerial Scanning solution with the ANAFI, ANAFI Thermal, and new ANAFI USA drones to deliver a simple and secure solution to our customers.

You can watch a short video of the system in action below. Something cool to take note of is that each of the arms look to have a metal contact point that connects with metal pads on the floor of the box to allow for easy charging without the need for a pinpoint landing.


The Parrot ANAFI USA is the latest drone from Parrot with a heavy focus on security. While the drone has been designed with features that might appeal to the Army, it’s been designed for the First Responder and Enterprise market. The ANAFI USA has 32x zoom and is capable of detecting people from up to 1.2 miles away. The drone is easy to use and can be fully operational in just 55 seconds. It can also fly in rain and in winds of up to 15 meters per second.

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Photo: Hoverseen

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