Michael Jordan’s golf course uses drones to deliver drinks and snacks

The basketball superstar almost as well known for his shoes as his athletic abilities has a new Air Jordan to boast about: Drones deliver drinks and food at Michael Jordan’s golf course.

According to Golf Digest, the little video that’s reminiscent of a Fortnite drop is actually a drone delivering drinks and snacks to golfers at the athlete’s new Florida golf course, the Grove XXIII.

(Because we all know how hungry and thirsty you can get during a round of golf.)

Retired tennis player Caroline Wozniacki posted a video showing how the drone delivery works.

Typically, beverage carts follow golfers around to keep members hydrated. But at Grove XXIII, they’ve been replaced. Golfers phone in their orders, and then watch as their requests drop down from the heavens.

Frankly, it looks a little more jury-rigged than Jetsons. But golf carts were a novelty once.

Still, novelty is likely not the force driving the drone deliveries. Golf Digest says golf carts at the Hobe Sound course can tear around at 35 mph. Caddies zip along in scooters so as not to slow down the players. This all suggests the main purpose is to get members on and off the course as fast as possible to make room for the next group.

Maybe novelty has a way of wearing off quickly in sports. Just last month, drones were a real sensation at the Masters when CBS Sports used them to provide stunning aerials. Those were the days.

TMZ suggests this is about as close as most of us are going to get to golf drone deliveries. The club is so exclusive that it has fewer than 100 members.

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