golf Stories July 20

There’s never a dull moment with Phil Mickelson around. With nearly three decades of professional golf experience behind him, the guy has given fans some pretty wonderful and whacky “Phil being Phil’” anecdotes. But not many come close to what happened ahead of his victory at the 2021 PGA Championship in May 2021. And it involves a drone.

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golf Stories June 17

Golf’s a game of poise and control. But action? Not so much. So NBC plans lots of camera tricks to keep its coverage of the US Open moving. Look for drones to capture the world’s top golfers.

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golf Stories December 8, 2020

The basketball superstar almost as well known for his shoes as his athletic abilities has a new Air Jordan to boast about: Drones deliver drinks and food at Michael Jordan’s golf course.

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golf Stories November 14, 2020

Thanks to COVID-19, not only is the 2020 Masters Golf Tournament late this year, there’s no polite applause from spectators — because there are no spectators.

Nevertheless, fans are seeing the game in a way they’ve never seen it before: from a golf ball’s perspective, thanks to drones.

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