DJI’s new V2 FPV goggles hit the DJI Store ahead of launch

DJI's V2 FPV goggles Store

DJI’s new FPV products have leaked over the last few months. Today, the V2 of the FPV goggles has been released by DJI itself. The new goggles feature new high frame rate displays and increased resolution, and keeps support with the older DJI FPV hardware.

UPDATE: The new goggles page looks to only be available in a few of the Asian countries listed on the store. Not sure if this means it was accidentally released to the US. When we checked mid-day Monday, the product was not showing as available inside North America.

After months of leaks, it looks like DJI is gearing up to release its new FPV products. First off, the production looks to be the DJI FPV Goggles V2. The new product was released to DJI’s online store today with an increased price of $569.

Looking at the specs on the product page, we can see the V2 of the goggles features 144 Hz 1440 × 810 displays compared to the 120 Hz displays in the original goggles. While the display size has stayed the same, the older goggles would max out at 720p. The new ones now utilize the full resolution, taking it up to 810p.

The frames per second for the new higher resolution low latency and high-quality modes have stayed the same at 120 fps and 60 fps, respectively. The goggles can also accept up to a 256 GB microSD card rather than a 128 GB. DJI has decided to go with a built-in battery for V2. It uses an 1800 mAh 2S Lipo to provide power for up 110 minutes.

DJI previously recommended a 1600 mAh 4S LIPO battery. The reasoning behind the change isn’t known, but it was likely done to make it easier for customers with less experience to easily set up the product without accidentally using the wrong kind of battery. It is likely it could be a reason for the price bump as well. Other than that, the rest of the specs mentioned on DJI’s website look similar, including the goggles’ housing.

While the goggles’ release seems to be a bit of a surprise, it actually almost matches up with dates we have seen leak previously. The listing on FatBoy FPV says that pre-orders will begin on January 8, with stock levels updated on January 15 for those who cannot secure pre-order stock, but it looks like you can do so right now. The way that the description is written makes it sound like the FPV goggles will be released between these two dates. The controller will also likely be released at the same time.

DJI currently has the FPV Goggles V2 listed as out of stock, likely gearing up for a large amount of orders from excited customers. It looks like this was no accident as NURK FPV has just released his video on the new goggles. Have a watch below to get his thoughts:

Photo: DJI

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