Black hole: Drone videos of Iceland volcano with no lava

Drone videos Iceland volcano no lava

We’ve shown you that Iceland volcano in many permutations: ferociously erupting and sending lava soaring, gently bubbling like some tangerine soup, and oozing lava at a steady rate. But this is the first time we’ve seen it like this: New drone videos show that the Iceland volcano has run dry, with no lava… at least for a little bit.

We really, really thought we’d seen it all. There have been stellar FPV videos of the Iceland volcano near the capital city of Reykjavík, and even a Mavic 2 Pro that was nearly melted by this incredible geological feature. There have been more (as you’ll know, if you’re a regular reader), but we’ve never seen the volcano like this:

At rest.

Drone volcano videos with no lava!

You read that correctly. New videos have emerged in the past day showing the Fagradalsfjall volcano during a rare part of this current active cycle: with no apparent activity at all. That’s right, the molten pool has crusted over, there’s no massive roiling orange lake, no ejections of lava.

Put simply, nada.

Of course, this is likely to be a temporary state. But we’re happy to see that some drone pilots were on the scene and were able to capture it just chilling.

Let’s take a look

There were actually multiple videos uploaded to YouTube yesterday. And we were nearly as fascinated to see the volcano in a briefly inactive state, as we are every time a new video surfaces showing it pulsing with molten rock.

Before we get to the first video, let’s check out this description from pilot GutnTog:

Iceland volcano dies or stops temporarily. No lava found whatsoever inside of the crater. Late night 27/28.07.21. I flew drone (DJI Air S2) over 2 hours ago and zoomed into the vent. It was completely empty of magma, all cold, with a few shining coals in the very bottom and on the crater rimd. Did it die or will it awaken again? We had days like this before. It should it be taken into consideration that gradual decrease in magma output had been observed through July. Magma output in July was only 6% of what it used to be in May. Nothing can be certain here as new vent might emerge elsewhere. Time will show.

Drone videos of Iceland volcano with no lava

Here you go! The first is from GutnTog:

We also quite enjoyed this video, done by popular YouTuber Tom Scott (4.18 million subscribers). Tom isn’t a drone pilot, but he hired one. And, according to Tom, his trip to the volcano was a “complete disaster.” Here’s his video:

Back to life

It was fun while it lasted, and very cool seeing drone videos of the Iceland volcano with no lava. But it didn’t take a very long break. Periods of inactivity like this are common, even with what is classified as an active volcano. They’re a bit like geysers that way, just not as predictable. Within 24 hours, it was back to its usual roiling self. And thankfully, someone grabbed that in 4K footage:

Kudos to pilot and editor Hörður Kristleifsson for this amazing video.

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