Iceland Stories April 16

This drone photograph of a stunning Iceland road trip won the People’s Choice Award at the British Photography Awards. But if you think this still is amazing, wait until you see the Iceland road trip video.

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Iceland Stories November 15, 2017

Finally, Iceland has caught up with the rest of the world when it comes to herding sheep. Instead of using old-fashioned dogs, most modern farmers have moved on to drones or so it seems. Ólafur Ólafsson, a farmer in Iceland has caught up to this trend and has been experimenting with the use of a drone to herd his sheep in the cold and snowy highlands of Iceland. Ólafsson already confirmed to Vísir that the drone saves him a lot of work, although he wishes it could bark.

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Iceland Stories November 7, 2017

Today I stumbled upon this video on Facebook, from a talented drone pilot, who on a recent trip to Iceland flew his DJI Mavic Pro through a rock and into Iceland’s world of wonders. By doing so he convinced me that;

  1. you don’t need crazy expensive gear to make amazing footage and,
  2. I need to book a flight to Iceland asap and witness the amazing landscape and scenery myself.

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Iceland Stories October 27, 2017

Drones normally do not fall out the sky all of a sudden (unless maybe it’s a Karma), but every so often it does happen. As it did to Efrem. On a school trip to Iceland, he brought his drone along to capture some of Iceland’s amazing scenery. Skogafoss Waterfall was the third waterfall he was flying his drone. Then his Phantom 4 suddenly lost the connection to the controller and dropped out of the sky.

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