Spectacular DroneBoy FPV video displays fiery flying

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A new FPV one-shot video by self-described “camera-drone services” company DroneBoy Cinema starts with a credibility-testing scene ­– Canadians being impolite to one another – and gets increasingly unbelievable from there, thanks to some truly astonishing piloting skills.

Whether the video was intended to be an advertorial display of their incredible flying and videoing skills, or just an excuse to have some exceptionally adventurous FPV fun, the film produced by DroneBoy is an eye-popping success of crack piloting. 

The company’s website describes DroneBoy’s wider services as such:

We maintain a large and varied fleet of aerial drones designed specifically for still photo capture, filming, mapping, data collection and inspection missions. Some drone companies have a couple of units and models available while we have over 25 active machines so we always have the right hardware for your mission profile with the appropriate backups on site… For the most demanding projects we can provide custom built heavy liftdrones capable of flying everything from cinema cameras and lenses like the RED or Arri Mini and Sony Venice to LIDAR, FLIR and any other sensor payload you could want.  We are now flying FPV Camera Dronestoo!

As proof they do – and do it exceptionally well ­­– check out the vid.

If threading the needle between crisscrossing roof beams and a pair of chains supporting a light fixture isn’t impressive enough, the person in the googles proves his (or, despite the company’s gender-specific name, quite possibly her) piloting chops by racing through the inside of a mobile studio and workshop trailer, before swooping through a hoop of fire – three different times.

The text accompanying the drone video accurately describes it as an “awesome ‘oner’ FPV tour of DroneBoy’s World Headquarters located just outside Toronto Canada,” which apparently also serves as at least one of the DronePeople’s home. After an opening road scene of a driver having a shout at a meandering cyclist – an unlikely occurrence in Canada that requires even great suspension of disbelief when the latter barks back­ ­­– the drone flies into the house part of the building, and through a succession of rooms, people, and obstacle-creating activities encountered. 

It then transitions with the UAV landing on a round robotic vacuum that revs up and carries the craft away before it lifts off again, zipping through office spaces, a workshop, mobile studio, and elevated ring of fire (a pyrotechnic test augmented by a nearby employee making out like the flame-throwing Robert De Niro in “The Deer Hunter”).

Drone videos – even tricky one-shots in FPV flight – have become common enough that it now requires really exceptional piloting and resulting visual effects to wow viewers anymore. This one does – and may well act as evidence to prospective DroneBoy customers of the kind of UAV service they can expect.

Here’s another, perhaps more seen example of this incredible new art form.

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