DJI releases two new drones in China: Agras T40 and T20P

DJI Agras T40 T20P agricultural drones

After a particularly hectic launch season with three back-to-back product releases, you may think DJI is done for 2021. But the technology giant has just unveiled two new drones in its home country of China: the DJI Agras T40 and T20P.

DJI’s latest drones, Agras T40 and Agras T20P, are aimed at cultivators. The high-endurance drones are optimized for agricultural application scenarios such as precision spraying, spreading, aerial surveying, and mapping.

DJI Agras T40 drone

DJI’s new flagship for digital agricultural offers significant efficiency improvements over its predecessor, the Agras T30, which became available internationally earlier this year.

Equipped with a coaxial twin-rotor design, the T40 farming drone boasts a spreading capacity of 50 kg and a spraying capacity of 40 kg. Effectively, this drone can spread 1.5 tons of urea or spray pesticides on a 320-acre field in an hour. The drone also features omnidirectional radar and binocular vision to detect obstacles at a distance of up to 50 meters. As such, the DJI T40 can also be flown in complex terrain such as orchard hills, spraying up to 60 acres of fruit trees in an hour.

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The T40 comes with several design improvements that enable more uniform spraying, three-minute disassembly, as well as better durability and corrosion resistance. The drone further supports real-time weight monitoring sensors to optimize spreading and provide accurate refill alerts.

DJI Agras T40

DJI has equipped the T40 with an ultra-high-definition camera and an adjustable gimbal so that the drone can collect farmland and orchard images in real time, build maps locally, and identify plot boundaries and obstacles automatically for intelligent route planning and efficient spraying and spreading.

Further, with the DJI Smart Agriculture cloud platform, users can automate field inspections, crop growth analysis, and disease monitoring. In addition, pairing this system with the DJI P4 Multispectral drone allows farmers to apply solutions based on specific variables according to an automatically-generated farmland prescription map.

Meanwhile, DJI T40’s new and improved 30,000 mAh intelligent flight battery promises an ultra-long service life with 1,500 charges. The smart charging hub can power a battery fully in 9 minutes.

DJI Agras T20P drone

The lightweight and foldable T20P agricultural drone supports a spreading capacity of 25 kg and a spraying capacity of 20 kg. In contrast to the T40, the DJI T20P can spread 1 ton of fertilizers or spray pesticides at a 180-acre farm or 40-acre fruit orchard in one hour.

DJI Agras T20P

In terms of durability, portability, flight safety, and real-time visual monitoring system, the T20P also imbibes all the improvements that have been lent to the T40. In the meantime, the drone comes with a 13,000 mAh intelligent flight battery that can be fully charged in nine minutes.

To sum up, the T40 and T20P represent the latest in the storied line of Agras drones. In China, DJI is making the T40 available at an approximate starting price of $9,000, while the starting price for the T20 agricultural drone is being pegged at around $6,200.

More information should be available once DJI is ready to release these drones internationally.

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