DJI Agras Stories October 7

DJI’s unreleased agriculture drone, the Agras T20, has appeared on the FCC’s database late last month, suggesting its release is coming soon. From the FCC listing, we get a closer look at the regulatory label along with the location of it on the drone.

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DJI Agras Stories April 22

Among the other leaks in regards to the DJI Mavic Air 2, we now have images of a new product for DJI’s Agras line of agricultural drones. The new product looks to be the Agras Smart Controller 1.0, which happens to share characteristics with DJI’s Smart Controller and the Mavic Air 2’s controller.

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DJI Agras Stories February 26

The DJI Argas T16 agricultural spraying drone is currently being displayed at the Guggenheim Museum as part of an exhibition called: “Countryside, The Future Explores Digital Impact On The Physical World.” The DJI Argas T16 is widely used in Asia and recently played a role in helping to fight the Coronavirus. We first saw the Argas T16 during the DJI Airworks event in Los Angeles last year. This is a huge drone and DJI has been trying to introduce it to the US agricultural market.

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DJI Agras Stories February 12

We already reported that drones were being used to stop the virus from spreading, but now DJI published an article that informs us that DJI pledged $1,5M on February 4th and uses DJI Agras T16 drones to fight Coronavirus in China.

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DJI Agras Stories November 5, 2019

DJI Argas drone fights malaria in Zanzibar

On the island of Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania, tests are underway to fight malaria with the DJI Argas drone for the first time. The unmanned aircraft are used to spray silicone-based liquid on rice paddies to prevent the malaria-carrying mosquitos from laying their eggs.

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