Jaybyrdfilms’ insane drone video inside live baseball workout

drone baseball video

Fans of aerial artistry have gotten a nice range of spectacular UAV piloting footage over the past year or so, including some seemingly impossible high-speed flights through sports venues and shopping malls. Now, one of the magicians responsible for many of those films is offering a we-dare-you-not-to-flinch video of his drone whizzing through Dallas Baptist University’s baseball facilities while a full crew of players works out.

People who have spent any time on or around a diamond – or assiduously avoiding them and the myriad speeding aerial hazards they feature – will feel the old flinch reflex twitch a time or two while watching Jay Christensen’s new UAV treat. The one-shot FPV drone video wends its way through a DBU evening practice, beginning on the diamond during a simulated game and moving on to long-toss and fly balls; indoor batting and pitching cages; weight and fitness rooms; and every other nook and cranny of the program’s baseball facilities.

People who love baseball or drones will also adore this footage. Those who hate both will thrill at the numerous truly awful things that only the smallest of distances prevent from occurring. 

In its baseball way, the DBU drone video is every bit as insane as the famous Mall of America, bowling alley, and Barstool office offerings that have gone viral of late. That’s probably because Christensen and his Jaybyrdfilms were responsible for all of them and more. In this case, Christensen – the driving force behind Rally Studios – had to turn his UAV into a potential target for high-velocity hardballs being slung or whacked around while also navigating some very tight spaces.

Hats off, too, to DBU players for placing their full trust in Christensen’s flawless piloting skills. Just ask the guy who agreed to let the drone fly between his legs as he was doing squats how confident he – and his momentarily endangered progeny – had to be in Christensen’s inability to make a mess at the sticks. 

Though nobody doubts the exceptional skills of the DBU players to make throws buzzing the craft while managing to just miss it, it’s beyond doubt a certain degree of good fortune was involved in the vehicle not being obliterated by any of the balls smoked its way around the diamond or in the batting cages. Should anyone doubt the element of luck in the final one shot DBU baseball drone video, take a one-eyed gander at footage apparently taken in preparing that successful flight.

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