Flybotix indoor drone inspection software can now generate 3D maps

Flybotix indoor drone inspection

Indoor drone inspection solution provider Flybotix has announced a new version of its post-flight analysis software, ASIO Explore. The new and improved ASIO Explore 2.0 introduces a bunch of long-awaited features such as 3D map generation, POI localization, video and 3D map synchronization, real temperature monitoring, and customizable report generation.

Switzerland-based Flybotix is best known for manufacturing a caged drone that acts as a collision-proof solution while collecting accurate data remotely from difficult-to-reach and hard-to-access locations.

The ASIO indoor inspection drone uses an innovative propulsion system that allows the aircraft to leverage the simplicity of multirotor systems with the aerodynamic efficiency of helicopters. Flybotix says ASIO offers twice the flight time of similar drones on the market and makes significantly less noise. The drone comes with a dual-camera system – 4K visual and thermal.

Interestingly, the drone gets its name from the family of Asio owls who are characterized by their excellent night vision and large wing-span, much like the ASIO drone and its long propellers.

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The ASIO Explore software, meanwhile, helps inspectors and pilots measure distances and locate defects within confined spaces and GPS-denied environments. Now, with the addition of several new features, this software has become more efficient than ever. Here’s a video that shows what the software looks like IRL:

ASIO can be deployed to inspect nuclear facilities, power plants, lift shafts, underground tunnels, and to check structural integrity following a fire, among other use cases.

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