DJI releases (another) Air 2S firmware upgrade

DJI Air 2S firmware

This month is proving a busy software time for the world’s top UAV maker DJI, which Tuesday issued another firmware update for its Air 2S drone – the second since January, and the third upgrade for different products this week alone.

DJI’s new Air 2S firmware revamp comes after a previous revision on January 19. Similar to the drone’s most recent software upgrades, the new download and installation package adds no new functions, nor does it provide further capacities to existing craft features. Instead, the updates ­– aircraft firmware, v04.12.00.56 remote controller, v1.5.10 DJI Fly App iOS, and v1.5.10 DJI Fly App Android – provide “optimized user experience, and improved overall software stability.”

In other words, it involves fairly minor tweaks and debugging of certain functions, yet fixes DJI recommends customers apply for best operation of the drone.

Though repeated firmware updates in relatively short amounts of time aren’t unheard of, DJI’s upgrades in the recent months suggest previous revisions may not have fully addressed the complete range of potential Air 2S internal glitches. Alternatively, as often seems to be the case when Apple issues a spate of rapid-fire iPhone iOS downloads, successive new drone problems or possible weaknesses may have been identified just as programmers had patched up earlier ones. 

Either way, today’s firmware issuance is clearly a matter of periodical software housecleaning, but a prudent step to take nevertheless.

The new Air 2S upgrade follows new firmware having  dropped for DJI’s M300 RTK enterprise drone Monday. Earlier the same day, the company urged customers operating its products through smartphones running Android 12 to download the newest version of associated DJI apps to avoid possible crashes; that came in the wake of some Android client complaints that DJI does not take adequate steps to prevent conflict between its apps and updated versions of Android OS – an allegation the company evidently wants to disprove.

DJI’s firmware update for the Air 2S can be installed using via computer or Mac using the DJI Assistant 2. An easier option is upgrading it directly through the DJI Fly app, once the Air 2S drone has been powered on and linked. When the alert for available updates appears, users should tap into the firmware page and hit “upgrade all.”

The process is then carried out automatically, though operators should be careful the craft isn’t turned off before it has completed. They should also check the battery is sufficiently charged to enable the entire download and installation procedure to run its course. 

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