How to watch DJI’s ‘For Everyday Heroes’ event and what we expect

On Monday, DJI will be announcing new products during an online event at 9:00 a.m. EDT. Here is how to watch it and what we believe DJI will announce.

How to watch DJI’s enterprise event

There are two ways to watch DJI’s “For Everyday Heroes” event, through the company’s website and on YouTube. You can set reminders on both platforms so you don’t miss it. You may also want to set an extra alarm if you are on the west coast of North America or in Asia.

The stream will begin at 9:00 a.m. EDT and will likely be a quick event with just a handful of product announcements, similar to previous DJI events.

What we expect DJI will announce

Sadly DJI won’t be announcing any consumer drones during this event, sorry if I’m crushing anyone’s Mini 3 dreams. Instead, the event is being put on by DJI’s enterprise team, meaning the products will focus on first responders, inspectors, and rescue workers. It is likely DJI will bring us a new drone, a new controller, and possibly a drone nest.

DJI RC Plus enterprise controller

The first leaked product we expect to see Monday is a new enterprise-focused controller called the RC Plus. This controller will feature a built-in seven-inch screen, quick access function buttons, and two batteries.

The controller showed up in the FCC’s database, giving insight into the RC Plus’ features and specs. We expected this controller to be announced alongside DJI’s Agras agriculture drones, but it likely won’t now that a new drone has been leaked to be coming out instead.

New drone: M30? M400 RTK? Mavic Enterprise Max?

Last week, notable DJI leakers DealsDrone and OstiaLV gave us images of a new foldable drone that doesn’t look like it will be for the average consumer. Instead, the leakers have claimed this is the new enterprise drone and is to be focused on rescue workers and first responders, an excellent match to Monday’s event theme.

Many names are going around, so we will have to wait for DJI’s event to know which will be the correct version. However, we know it will have a boxy design, similar to most enterprise drones, feature foldable arms, and use the RC Plus controller. Some have stated it will be a successor to the M300 and others the Mavic 2 Enterprise. Nevertheless, it certainly does look smaller.

Let us know below what features you think will be on this new, more compact enterprise offering from DJI. Also, what do you think DJI will call it?

DJI drone nest

Another leak stated that DJI is working on an “automatic machine nest.” Other than that, we have no photos, specs, or use cases. It is also a weird item given the theme is based around first responders and it’s hard to plan rescue operations around stationary nests. However, it would be an exciting product for autonomous drone fans.

Make sure to come back to DroneDJ after the event, where we will be covering everything DJI announced.

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