14 amazing drone photos from DJI SkyPixel contest winners

DJI SkyPixel drone contest photos

SkyPixel, one of the world’s most popular aerial photography communities established by tech giant DJI, has announced the winners of its annual drone imaging contest. And the photos selected by the jury provide a truly incredible view of our world from above.

Prepare to be wowed

DJI and SkyPixel received over 30,000 submissions from 124 countries and regions for their seventh annual drone photo and video contest. The Grand Prize winner in the Photo Category is an epic capture by Zhu Jianxin who used his Mavic 2 Pro to frame up an otherworldly sight of a frozen lake after heavy snow fell in the Taklamakan Desert. With a simple change in perspective, several cracks on a frozen lake magically come together into a portrait of an elegant orchid.

Jianxin had this to say about the drone photo:

Photography as an art form always comes from life. It is born from nature. I am amazed by how a drone changes my perspective and helps me capture the beauty of our world.

Stephen Foster, who served on the judging panel this year, commented on the work:

The real art in photography is to capture a photograph people have to analyze longer than a few seconds to see what the picture really shows.

Meanwhile, Karim Iliya, another jury member, said:

Here is one of those rare photos of an almost alien landscape that is both abstract and concrete at the same time. This is a fantastic use of a drone to show us a new perspective of Earth’s beauty that we don’t normally get to see.

Best drone photos from around the world

DJI and SkyPixel wanted drone photographers, amateurs and professionals alike, to work on four themes this year:

  • Portrait: Capture a person’s expression, action or life’s passion in the vast beauty of their surroundings
  • Nature: Capture a moment in time to reveal the true beauty of nature
  • Architecture: Discover amazing structures from a new perspective
  • Sport: Capture the energy and excitement of athletes.

The gallery below shows the winning shots. For more details on individual photos, visit the SkyPixel website.

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