DJI removes Mini 2 drone from US and Canada Amazon stores ahead of reported Mini 3 release [Update: It’s back]

Noticed by DJI leaker Jasper Ellens first, DJI has mysteriously removed its Mini 2 drone from the US and Canada Amazon stores. This could presumably be ahead of the rumored release of the Mini 3 Pro drone.

Update: After publishing, the Mini 2 returned to DJI’s Amazon stores in both the US and Canada after being off for about two days.

If you are looking to get DJI’s Mini 2 in North America, then don’t look to buy it directly from DJI on Amazon. Earlier this week, DJI removed the drone from its US and Canada stores, and so far, it has stayed like that.

You can still purchase the Mini 2 from DJI’s official website and third-party retailers, but no more from DJI’s Amazon store. Although it hasn’t been removed from other international sites, we checked the UK, France, and India’s Amazon stores, and they are all still available from DJI itself.

This could all be linked to the rumored Mini 3 Pro. Until this week, the drone company has been quiet to share anything confirming rumors of a new drone hitting the sub-250 market. However, with the removal of the Mini 2 and now a teaser for an event on May 10, we can speculate a bit on what will happen to DJI’s sub-250 gram line if a rumored Mini 3 Pro is released.

Mini 2 completely replaced in the line up by the Mini 3 Pro?

A reason for the Mini 2’s removal on Amazon could mean DJI ceased producing the drone, and the stock has run out. This could also explain why not every Amazon site is showing the same thing. Could this mean DJI’s lineup for sub-250 gram drones will be just the Mini SE and Mini 3 Pro? If the rumored prices are true, there could be a big gap between the two models.

It might make the Mini SE a more appealing option if you don’t need all the bells and whistles that the Mini 3 might be bringing. Personally, this makes a lot of sense, a more basic and budget-friendly drone meant for actual entry-level drone flyers. Then the enthusiast’s drone, tricked out with everything you need to be a social media creator or do some light professional work.

Or… DJI is paving the way for a Mini SE 2

Obviously, no one would think the Mini 2 would be sticking around forever, but it could live on in the SE line. While the Mini SE is just fine if you want a beginner’s drone, the specs are a bit dated. For example, only capturing up to 2.7K video at 30 FPS and not allowing RAW photo captures.

Taking the Mini 2’s system and turning it into the Mini SE 2 could be a smart bet. We could see the price drop to $349, similar to what happened with the Mavic Mini, and that would put it as the preferred beginner camera drone for the serious pilot.

No leaks have been given as to whether or not either of these options are true, meaning if they were to happen, it might take a year for it to happen since it wasn’t on DealsDrone’s timeline. On May 10, DJI plans to host its “Twist in the Plot” event, reportedly the release event for the Mini 3. We will learn more then.

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