DJI SmartFarm mobile app for Agras agricultural drones sees global rollout

dji smartfarm agras drone mobile app

DJI has expanded the availability of its mobile app dedicated to the Agras line of agricultural drones. The previously Chinese-only DJI SmartFarm app now supports English, Japanese, and Thai languages, too.

The DJI SmartFarm app allows Agras drone users to not just control and manage the aircraft easily, but also to view their drone data clearly.

According to DJI, the app provides end-to-end service support for spraying and spreading missions, right from data display, device management, and field sharing, to drone tutorials, mission collaborations, and measurement tools. The data aggregated in the app can be viewed on a daily or periodic basis with flight trajectories and mission parameters being displayed prominently on maps.

There’s a huge emphasis on teamwork in the app, with SmartFarm enabling shared device control access and allowing managers to view the operations data of all team members at any time. In a similar manner, field management can also be done remotely using the app. Detailed job reports are made available to provide data support to individuals and teams alike.

Where to download the DJI SmartFarm app?

The DJI SmartFarm app is available for both iOS and Android mobile phones. iPhone users can download the app directly from the Apple App Store, while Android users can scan the QR code below to grab the APK file from DJI:

Scan the code to download the DJI SmartFarm Android app

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