Hands-on with the ZeroZero V-COPTR now $899 with a special pre-Prime Day offering

If you’re looking to add a unique, fun drone to your collection, the V-COPTR is now 25% off on Amazon for a special pre-Prime Day special offer. We also got our hands on one to share our thoughts on this one-of-a-kind drone.

V-COPTR now $899 with an extra battery and gear for Prime Day

ZeroZero is offering a special deal ahead of Amazon’s Prime Day event on its V-COPTR duel rotor drone. Typically going for $1,199, you will now find it at $899, and it includes a few extra items on Amazon until July 19. Below is what the bundle includes:

  • Standard package with the drone, controller, battery, charger, etc.
  • One extra battery
  • Gift package (memory card, T-shirt, canvas tote, hat, and more)

This comes ahead of Amazon’s Prime Day event, stay tuned this week for more possible drone sales, as we’re sure the V-COPTR won’t be the only thing on sale.

So you will save not just $300 on the base drone package but another $119 for the extra flight battery. The two batteries will give you up to 100 minutes of flight time thanks to the drone ditching two rotors like the conventional drones on the market. The V-COPTR carries with it a 1/2.3″ sensor that records up to 4K video at 30 FPS or 2.7K at 60 FPS. The 50-minute flight time however is what shines on this drone.

Hands-on review of the ZeroZero V-COPTR

I was presently surprised by the performance of the V-COPTR – but is it the best drone in its price range? No, but the novelty and advantages of the bicopter design should give it a place for the more drone enthusiasts. So let’s first talk about those advantages – flight time and noise. This thing is quiet, similar to what you would get with DJI’s new Mini 3 Pro. Like I said earlier, you get a staggering 50 minutes of flight time, which I got pretty close to in the real world. This is all thanks to having two less rotors.

Before we get into the camera, let’s quickly round up the overall experience of the drone. Connection-wise is great, other than having to re-position were I’m pointing the antennas a few times, the feed to the controller was super clean. Also, maneuverability was good too. It isn’t as snappy in the turns as other drones are, but personally, it gives a different personality to the video. The only issue is if you would start or stop going forward and backward too fast. Then you start to get some swinging action going, it’s a learning curve to get use to, but you get the handle on it soon enough.

The drone as a whole is lacking a good amount of features you might find in other drones at this price point. But I was impressed with the state of tracking on the drone – right out of the box it comes available with tracking both humans and cars, which is nice. While it liked to stay further away than others and it was a little slow to keep you in frame, it stayed predictable. Something I can’t always say about Autel and even DJI’s tracking movements.

Okay, now the camera. On its own (as long as you’re not shooting in low-light scenarios), it looks great. When you put it next to DJI or Autel cameras, you can start to see its weaknesses. Mostly the pitfalls are with white balance on cloudy days and the dynamic range, with the sky being easily blown out. However, the gimbal does a great job canceling out movements, even the swaying. The sways are very noticeable when watching the V-COPTR fly – they are much less through the video, thanks to the tilting of the gimbal.

Finally build quality is awesome, although there are some weak spots. Holding the drone in your hands you can feel that ZeroZero put a lot of effort in building the V-COPTR. The weak spot is in the two arms, taking a serious crash will likely cause one or both to break off, putting the drone out of service until it can be repaired. The controller’s build quality is both good and bad. It seems like less effort was taken to make the controller feel as premium as the drone itself, some sharp edges and a noticeable plastic feel. However after giving it a squeeze, bend, and a little twist, I don’t hear any creaking or flex, so it should feel good in the hands.

Also honorable mention for placing the phone mount above the controller, I thought I would hate it, but it was actually the perfect location for the screen to go.

So if this Prime Day deal sounds right for you, head over to ZeroZero’s Amazon page to pick yourself up the V-COPTR drone.

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