Hands-on with the ZeroZero V-COPTR now $899 with a special pre-Prime Day offering

If you’re looking to add a unique, fun drone to your collection, the V-COPTR is now 25% off on Amazon for a special pre-Prime Day special offer. We also got our hands on one to share our thoughts on this one-of-a-kind drone.

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You can now buy the $1,200 V-Coptr Falcon at Amazon

After its launch plan got massively derailed by COVID-19, the wildly eye-catching bi-copter drone from ZeroZero Robotics is finally available for purchase at Amazon. Here’s everything you need to know about the new V-Coptr Falcon, including its price, specs, features, unboxing, and more.

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ZeroZero Robotics’ long-delayed V-Coptr Falcon goes on sale Thursday

Editor’s update: You can now pick up the V-Coptr Falcon from Amazon for $1,250.

Well, the most exciting drone of 2020 is finally ready to hit the market — in 2021. ZeroZero Robotics has announced that its V-Copter Falcon bi-copter drone will be going on sale in China on September 9. And while it’s not a global launch event that ZeroZero has planned for this week, the fact that the product is finally ready to ship is good news for consumers who have been itching to try out this unconventional flying machine.

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