DJI RC will also come to the Air 2S per leaker

dji air 2s with RC

According to DJI leaker OstiaLV, DJI’s new RC controller might be coming to more than just the Mavic 3 but also the Air 2S, replacing the Smart Controller. A welcome addition as the DJI RC is a fantastic offering for its price.

On Monday, a new firmware version for the DJI RC unlocked compatibility with the company’s flagship Mavic 3 drone. Finally, something many of us wished would happen after getting our hands on the cheaper built-in screen display.

According to OstiaLV, the Air 2S will be the next drone to receive support for the new controller. They report that production of the older DJI Smart Controller has stopped, and a new offering will give users the ability to bundle the RC controller with the Air 2S.

Hopefully, DJI will also offer a bundled deal with the RC Pro, which already supports the Air 2S. While we love the RC, the RC Pro provides more features needed by professional pilots and a far better long-range connection with external antennas. That has been a complaint for some RC owners on their Mini 3 flights, but the issue isn’t widespread.

Of course, this is only a rumor, but when we talked with DJI around the time of the Mini 3 Pro launch, they said that RC support for other drones was not out of the question. Now that the Mavic 3 has been added to the list, there isn’t a reason why DJI can’t add the Air 2S to the RC’s compatibility list. The Smart Controller is also starting to show its age, so replacing that bundle with the Pro and adding an RC bundle would appeal to many.

DJI RC Air 2S compatibility would bring balance to the lineup

While the release of the Mini 3 has almost entirely replaced the Air 2, there are still plenty of reasons to grab an Air 2S over the new addition. However, some may feel forced to buy the Mini 3 because they wish to have the RC controller over the N1 controller that requires a smartphone.

Having compatibility across the line for the RC (and, pretty please, for the RC Pro) would make it easier for the customer to choose the suitable drone for their use case. While you can’t go wrong choosing between the Mini 3 and Air 2S – the Air’s speed, maneuverability, and visibility while flying far outweigh the Mini’s – having that with the RC would be my dream drone setup.

You can now buy the DJI RC by itself for $309 through DJI’s online store.

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