Aloft records 500K drone flight approvals through LAANC

LAANC drone night authorization

Aloft, the company that powers more than two-thirds of all LAANC authorizations in the US, has announced a major milestone. The UTM technology specialist says it has given approvals to more than half a million drone flights since it was first authorized by the FAA to do so for controlled airspace at or below 400 feet.

Last month, in particular, proved sensational for Aloft when total authorizations grew 58% year-over-year and commercial airspace authorizations grew 102% year-over-year.

The B4UFLY application, which Aloft has redeveloped in collaboration with the FAA to tell recreational flyers whether it is safe to fly their drone, has also achieved impressive growth. Record usage and adoption have resulted in the platform crossing 20 million airspace search requests (all-time).

Newer features like Notify & Fly that enable pilots to anonymously share their flight intent and location to other pilots are also seeing good growth. From March to June, there has been a 3x increase in the use of the Notify & Fly feature.

In addition, the Aloft UTM data network surpassed 1 million monthly airspace events in June while seeing 300% quarter-over-quarter commercial revenue growth, marking the largest expansion of the platform in company history. 

Aloft CEO and founder Jon Hegranes says:

We know that adoption by users is key to all successful compliance efforts. While we continue to build open and scalable systems, we can’t mistake walls for highways. We have to make compliance, safety, and security part of the benefits that come along with accessible and easy-to-use tools. We’re excited to continue growing along with the broader drone ecosystem.

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