DJI Avata latest leaks: Box reveal, new close-up pics, ADS-B tech

dji avata drone

Update: DJI Avata is available to buy now from DJI’s online store and Amazon.

For the umpteenth time, DJI’s mini FPV drone, Avata, is in the limelight ahead of its official announcement. In the latest leaks, DJI Avata has been caught on camera up close, with one photo revealing the box the drone could come packed in. Another critical detail about the CineWhoop-style drone that has emerged from the fresh leaks is that it could be equipped with DJI AirSense technology.

Leaks for Avata are coming in hot and fast ever since the DJI product turned up on the FCC database late last month. For those keeping scores, three batches of new intel about the indoor-friendly drone have shown up on the internet this weekend alone.

Up first is a short video of Avata being flown in a desert area using DJI Motion Controller — a compact and intuitive device that gives the operator one-handed control over an FPV drone. The Motion Controller was launched last year as an optional accessory for the $999 DJI FPV drone.

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Then there are the images that show off the drone from multiple angles. While the Avata name and the DJI branding can both be seen prominently in these new photos, they also seem consistent with previous leaks that suggested that the mini FPV drone would have ducted three-inch propellers and a single-axis camera.

And finally, we have a leaked photo of the DJI Avata box stating that the drone would need to be paired with DJI Goggles 2, whose first images surfaced on the web just last week.

If the information displayed on this leaked box is correct, FPV fans can expect the Avata to be powered by DJI AirSense.

AirSense is an extremely useful alert system that uses ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) technology to give drone pilots enhanced situational awareness and help them make responsible decisions while flying. This feature gathers flight data sent automatically from nearby aircraft with ADS-B transmitters, analyzing it to detect potential collision risks and alert users well in advance through the DJI mobile app.

DJI Avata release date

So, when is Avata coming out? If the rate of these leaks is anything to go by, we can expect DJI to drop an official launch teaser soon. In any case, the drone has already been submitted to and approved by the FCC, which means the product design, circuitry, and construction are now final. The video leak further indicates that Avata has started to reach key opinion leaders (KOLs) or influencers for feedback and suggestions on the refinement of existing capabilities.

While we keep our eyes peeled for more information about the Avata, you can check out our coverage of another yet-to-be-released DJI drone, the Inspire 3, which is headed toward an alleged September launch.

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