DoD taps BlueHalo’s Titan counter-drone tech in $24 million deal

BlueHalo Titan DoD counter-drone

The Department of Defense (DoD), which oversees management of US military agencies, has awarded security tech company BlueHalo a $24 million contract to provide its Titan counter-drone systems for quick deployment and effective protection of troops and assets.

Under its accord with the DoD, BlueHalo will provide multiple units of its Titan counter-drone system, which can be set up inside five minutes to provide situational awareness and reliable protection from hostile UAVs for both soldiers and non-combatant users. Titan is enhanced by artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities that interface with its radio frequency-based methods of incapacitating invasive or threatening craft around designated airspaces.

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The DoD ordered BlueHalo’s Titan counter-drone systems after qualifying the tech for its Program of Record, based on its performance in protection deployment of US personnel and non-combat assets at home and abroad over the past half decade. The new contract calls for BlueHalo to supply an undisclosed government customer with Titan systems for pre-deployment activities, mobile security, fixed site protection, and dismounted operations.

“We celebrate another contract award for Titan­ ­– not only because it demonstrates the system’s superior (counter-drone) force protection, but because more frontline soldiers will now have access to an effective tool that will help bring them home safely,” said Dan Gillings, BlueHalo sector president. “Through BlueHalo’s layered defense solutions like Titan, ARGUS perimeter security system, and LOCUST laser weapon and tracking systems, BlueHalo continues to meet the toughest challenges with innovative technology and inspired engineering – safeguarding our warfighters and nation.”

Demand for counter-drone defense systems like BlueHalo’s Titan have been rising among military, government, and enterprise clients as the proliferation of small- and medium-size drones in the skies has increased, along with the rapidly diversifying uses of those craft. 

Multiplying examples of criminal organizations operating drones for drug and human trafficking, as well as adaptation of consumer craft for martial use in Ukraine, have recently motivated the White House and legislators to press for laws to expand the number of authorities permitted to detect, identify, and neutralize intrusive or hostile UAVs

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The BlueHalo Titan military-grade counter-drone system ordered by the DoD uses an automated decision engine to match threats with optimized electronic countermeasures. Those function without requiring an operator’s manual response, analysis of the threat scenario, or expertise in the intricacies of radio frequencies often involved.

“Titan acts as a force multiplier for our troops,” said BlueHalo CEO Jonathan Moneymaker. “Harnessing BlueHalo’s industry-leading artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, Titan creates a sphere of threat detection and protection around soldiers and key military assets–providing an innovative, affordable, easy-to-use system to save warfighter lives and ensure mission success.”

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