This kit gives DJI M30 drone unlimited flight time

dji m30 drone tether kit

Drones have become an essential tool in many industries. But if there’s one factor that still undermines the high performance and productivity of drones, it’s their limited flight time. This is why when it comes to applications where flight endurance is key but the operational area is minimal, many operators turn to tethered drone solutions. The new V-Line Pro kit is one such solution that has been designed especially for the DJI M30 drone series.

A product of Singapore-based tech company Volarious, V-Line Pro enables the M30 to be tethered and fly indefinitely using a ground power station.

Users can fly their DJI drone at an ascent speed of 5m/s without worrying about cutting the reel or experiencing high tension. The system’s lightweight aviation-grade cable allows users to fly at a height of up to 100 meters.

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Some possible uses for such a system could include monitoring and inspection for data analytics as well as security and surveillance for military personnel and asset protection.

Meanwhile, Volarious is quick to point out that several add-ons have been incorporated into the tether kit to make it more useful than conventional solutions. These include a 12,000 lumens searchlight and a 20,000 lumens flood light, which means the V-Line Pro can now also be used to provide critical illumination with the DJI M30 in the dark. You can see these accessories in action in the video below.

Weiliang Zhang, the founder of Volarious, said that the compactness of the drone tether kit means public safety departments need not wait for specialty vehicles with mast lighting to arrive at the scene. Here’s Weiliang:

Public safety departments have been asking us about adding lights to the tether systems, and the DJI M30 series with Payload SDK provided us the opportunity to do so in a way that is fully integrated.

The DJI tether drone kit comes with a companion app that allows users to monitor several parameters of the solution while operating the aircraft. Features such as auto takeoff and precision landing are also available. Border patrol agencies, in the meantime, can benefit from a vehicle following mode that enables the M30 to autonomously follow the vehicle even when the camera is scanning the horizon for threats.

Interestingly, Skydio has recently rolled out a similar feature for its enterprise drones.

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