FIXAR is equipping its 007 drone with YellowScan LiDAR system

fixar 007 drone yellowscan lidar mapping

European drone manufacturer FIXAR is joining forces with LiDAR solutions specialist YellowScan to equip the FIXAR 007 fixed-wing VTOL with YellowScan Mapper+ OEM LiDAR mapping solution.

The FIXAR 007 is a fixed-wing drone, which is instantly recognizable because of its unique design. Instead of separate motors for vertical and forward flight, the VTOL utilizes fixed angled rotors. 

The versatile aircraft can be used for a variety of commercial and industrial applications — including mapping and inspections, precision agriculture, oil and gas pipeline monitoring, surveillance, and border control — because it allows for sensor customization. This capability, the company pointed out, also helps to increase the speed of data collection and improves cost-efficiency by up to 10 times when compared to other in-class solutions.

FIXAR’s integration with YellowScan Mapper+ OEM, for example, is designed to ensure fast and precise laser scanning data acquisition and processing. Meanwhile, the georeferenced LiDAR point cloud generated will be processed to get accurate digital terrain or surface models used in many professional applications.

YellowScan’s Julien Bo pointed out that the sensor solutions company has a long history of working with drone developers from around the world to add LiDAR capabilities to their platforms.

Vasily Lukashov, founder and CEO at FIXAR, summed it up by saying:

We are witnessing an increasing demand for aerial LiDAR equipment capable of carrying out autonomous data collection missions. YellowScan Mapper+ OEM is an excellent fit for autonomous FIXAR 007 to jointly ease complex tasks in forestry, mining, energy, and utility sectors.

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