LIDAR Stories November 18

As we have seen in other cases, LiDAR-equipped drones are revealing secrets that have remained invisible to the naked eye. This time a drone with LiDAR reveals a German SS concentration camp from WWII. Old reconnaissance photos from the RAF had shown that during the war a prison camp had been present on Alderney in the Channel Islands, UK, but it took a drone to show where exactly the remains of the camp were located. Be sure to check out this video as well.

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LIDAR Stories November 5

LIDAR-equipped drones reveal ancient settlement off Florida’s coast

In recent years LIDAR (light detection and ranging) technology has played a crucial role in discovering ancient settlements and mapping historic sites around the world. In this most recent story, The Guardian reports that LIDAR-equipped drones reveal an ancient settlement off the coast of Florida. The archaeological findings and remains date from 900 to 1200 CE.

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LIDAR Stories October 17

LIDAR equipped drones and airplanes help discover and map Maya ruins

In recent years LIDAR equipped drones and airplanes have helped to make a number of discoveries as it allows archaeologists to ‘see’ through dense vegetation and find ruins of old civilizations such as the Maya’s in Mexico

LIDAR Stories November 6, 2018

Australian startup, Emesent raises $2.5M to map mines with autonomous drones. Similar to these search and rescue drones, the drones from Emesent work in an environment where there is no GPS available. Instead, they use LIDAR systems to map their surroundings.

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