New DJI Mini 3 drone leaks anticipate December 9 launch

DJI Mini 3

In the mere two days since the last post on the topic, online leakers have provided even more images and additional specs of DJI’s Mini 3 – including a shot of the officially inexistent (or at least assiduously unacknowledged) drone on sale in a US store. Given their success in fleshing the product out over the past few weeks, it’s perhaps only logical one sleuth has now also beaten DJI to teasing a likely launch date: December 9.

As has been the case since rumors first arose about DJI preparing an expected step-down version of its Mini 3 Pro drone, this weekend @DronesDeal provided new evidence of the craft nearing release with photos and official company documents. 

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Among those is a shot of a Fly More Combo package with an RC N1, and a product recap printed in distinctive DJI font describing it as “less than 259 g,” and offering “38-min Flight Time,” 4K HDR | True Vertical Shooting,” “Intelligent Features: Quickshots | Panorama,”  “38kph (Level 5) Wind Resistance,” and “10 km Video Transmission.”

Much of that had been contained in previous leaks of the craft, but was accentuated a day later by accomplished DJI stalker @OsitaLV offering a December 9 release date provided by a retailer source.

That tweet followed up – and included – an image uploaded earlier by @ShaneScordamag1 after he happened upon and photographed several boxes of the Mini 3 drone for sale in a New Jersey Best Buy – a Fly More Combo DJI RC bundle going for $859. 

Not astonishingly for a craft the manufacturer may not reveal for at least another week, @ShaneScordamag1 posted a follow-up tweet reporting the product had been pulled from shelves after his retail scoop. Luckily for both Best Buy and DJI, absolutely nobody noticed the false start.

That $859 price – if reflective of the range consumers will see once the drone is officially rolled out – would list the DJI Mini 3 Fly More Drone Combo with DJI RC package roughly where information leaker @IgorBogdanov positioned it in a Friday tweet. It would also seem to indicate buyers may eventually see an aircraft-only option for around $500, with top-end bundles going for what Bogdanov reports will be about $1,100.

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That, as DroneDJ noted Friday, may well disappoint consumers who expectied steeper discounts on what in theory was supposed to be a more affordable option to the Mini 3 Pro. That logic had been behind DJI’s release of the Mavic 3 Classic as a step-down version of the top-of-the-line photography Mavic 3, and Mini SE  to the Mini 2

DJI currently sells the Mini 3 Pro with RC-N1 for $759 – $909 with the DJI RC, and $699 for the drone alone – and the Mini 2 at $499; $599 as a Fly More Combo. That leaves a small but perceptible window in which a cheaper Mini 3 might be placed.

Instead, leaked prices for the Mini 3 seem to position it as a largely over-lapping product and quasi-competitor to the original – offering modest savings from the Pro version in exchange for less than half the transmission distance, no Active Shot, and (visual evidence on the drone suggests) no obstacle avoidance tech. 

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Yet to be seen is whether that pricing-to-tech balance – if confirmed – will suffice to lure buyers who know they can get the full features of the Mini 3 Pro for not all that much more money.

Also in question is whether hold-outs of that drone won’t instead opt for one of the existing and less expensive models in DJI’s increasingly overly crowded mid-range drone stable – a bustling selection that already has some online observers predicting an approaching demise of the Mini 2.

Photo: Shane Scordamaglia

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