DJI updates M300, M30 drone firmware to fix file import error

DJI M300 RTK drone file import kmz error

DJI has released new firmware updates for two of its enterprise series drone: the M300 RTK and the Matrice 30 (M30).

The main reason why DJI has released these new firmware packages for its commercial drones is to fix the issue where importing a KMZ file would fail. KMZ files, designed specifically to reduce the space taken by KML files, are important when it comes to importing map locations, polygon boundaries, or waypoints from geographic information systems or Google Earth for pre-planned aerial missions. But the DJI Pilot 2 app would limit their import to the M300 and M30 drones.

To solve this problem, DJI has released aircraft firmware v05.01.00.00 and remote controller firmware v01.02.03.42 for the M30, while the M300 RTK drone’s aircraft firmware has been brought up to v05.01.01.00 and the remote controller firmware to v05.01.02.00. Both software bundles require the DJI Pilot 2 app to be updated to its latest version.

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In addition to fixing the KMZ file import error, the new firmware for the DJI M300 drone also solves the issue where the aircraft would fly to the start point from the break point when resuming flight in Terrain Follow mode. Another fix comes in the form of setting the maximum speed limit, which used to be too low when using Zenmuse P1 to plan the flight route task. But if you find that the flight route speed of the KMZ file for Zenmuse P1 has been limited due to the remote controller firmware update (v05.01.01.00), DJI’s advice is to edit the flight route speed of the KMZ file after updating to the latest firmware version and save the file.

More details about the new firmware update for the M300 RTK drone can be found here, and for the M30 here.

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