What’s DJI going to release first in 2023? These two products

dji new drone 2023 launch release

It has been another jam-packed year for DJI with lots of product releases spread across its consumer and enterprise lines. But what will be the first product that DJI unveils in 2023? Well, if the company’s recent paperwork with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is any indication, DJI could release not one but two new products very soon.

New listings from DJI have hit the FCC database today, which is generally the final step before a product is released commercially. The listings indicate that DJI is looking to expand its portfolio of first-person view (FPV) drone products with two new additions: A new version of FPV Goggles, called “Goggles SE,” and the next generation of the Motion Controller, which would go by the name “DJI RC Motion 2.”

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DJI Goggles SE and RC Motion 2

DJI unveiled its newest flight control technology, Goggles 2, alongside one of its most popular products of 2022: the Avata FPV indoor-friendly drone. This new video headset offered a smaller, lighter, and more comfortable fit, with crystal-clear FPV footage comparable to those from other DJI drones. Further, a Micro-OLED screen with adjustable diopters meant that people who normally wear glasses would not need to use them with the goggles. DJI also embedded an intuitive touch panel on the side of the goggles, so that users could easily control its settings with only one hand.

These impressive features, naturally, come at a price. And DJI realizes well that in order to maintain its dominance in the consumer drone market, it needs to offer more choices to users in terms of both features and cost. This is why the company has been bringing out new versions of the same product to offer more affordable options to budget-conscious users. The Mini SE, Mini 3 (non-pro version), and Mavic 3 Classic are all examples of the same.

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So, it’s not unreasonable to assume that the company would continue in this direction with the upcoming Goggles SE. In all likelihood, this headset would lower its price point by getting rid of the in-built touchpad. It would be good, however, to have Remote ID compatibilities built into the goggles because current Avata users are required to connect their headset with a smartphone for compliance, which can be quite a hassle for some.

FCC e-label for DJI Goggles SE

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DJI motion controller, meanwhile, is a product that is now due for a refresh. The original single-handed Motion Controller came out in early 2021 with the $899 FPV Combo, allowing the user to steer the drone based on their natural hand movement. A new version of the same can be expected to be more ergonomic and intuitive, and possibly feature even more easy-to-reach buttons with additional functionality.

FCC label for DJI RC Motion 2

It’s worth highlighting that DJI has recently released a new FPV camera and transmission module, O3 Air Unit. And it’s highly likely that the upcoming 2023 launches, DJI Goggles SE and RC Motion 2, would be compatible with the same.

The question is: Will DJI release a successor to its FPV drone too?

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