Insta360, DJI Air 2 series bag AI support for drone reality capture

insta360 dji drone reality capture

AI-powered reality capture platform OpenSpace has announced support for Insta360’s Sphere camera, which means DJI Mavic Air 2 and Air 2S users can now convert their drone footage into ultra-realistic 3D assets in as little as 15 minutes.

OpenSpace is a technology company whose AI tools have captured more than 11 billion sq. ft. of imagery to date from construction projects across thousands of sites in over 91 countries. The basic requirement for the company’s powerful reality capture platform to work as it does is 360-degree footage of the job site. OpenSpace’s Vision Engine automatically maps every image in the footage to floor plans, giving builders an up-to-date replica of their construction sites that can be viewed and navigated – just like Google Street View, and it does that in an average of 15 minutes.

Typically, OpenSpace users would attach 360-degree cameras to hard hats (or robots) and walk around the construction site to record everything they see naturally. But now, OpenSpace is making it even simpler to document job sites by extending support for the Sphere invisible drone camera which is compatible with DJI Mavic Air 2 and the $974 Air 2S.

Basically, Sphere combines two cameras, one facing up and one down, to give creators 5.7K videos without the drone making an unwanted appearance in it. Insta360 has equipped the lightweight camera with an easy locking mechanism and FlowState stabilization to ensure smooth footage.

Shooting with Sphere opens up the option of getting multiple edits from the same flight in addition to wide-angle footage from the drone itself. For contractors and project managers, this means that even less experienced drone pilots can achieve quality captures without the need to repeat flights.

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As Max Richter, VP of Insta360, points out:

With Sphere, builders are able to seamlessly capture high-resolution footage of the job site, without having to worry about factors like stabilization or editing out the drone body. We’re excited to partner with OpenSpace to bring an affordable, easy-to-use drone camera to builders to capture the full job site.

OpenSpace says that it is currently beta testing captures with Sphere to further improve capture processing, calibrations, battery life, image quality, ease of installation, elevated captures, and the multitude of angle selections. Support for Sphere will be generally available to customers later this quarter.

Neel Sheth, VP of product at OpenSpace, adds:

We want OpenSpace customers to be able to capture in a way that aligns with their workflows and goals, and extending our drone support through this partnership will further enable exterior captures to be seamlessly integrated into our platform.

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