Drone 3D modeling software SkyeBrowse slashes subscription cost by 20%

skyebrowse subscription cost

In a time when companies across the board are increasing prices to catch up with the rising costs, a drone startup is looking to buck the trend. SkyeBrowse, whose reality capture platform allows DJI and Autel drone users to create accurate 3D models within minutes, is lowering its annual subscription cost by 20%.

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How a bike accident gave birth to drone 3D modeling platform SkyeBrowse

SkyeBrowse, a reality capture platform that can convert your DJI or Autel drone video into a 3D model at the speed of coffee, was launched only in 2020, but it has already saved law enforcement departments in the US over 50,000 hours of manpower and $5 million in accident reconstruction. As the startup celebrates its recent $2.3 million seed round with a spate of hirings, let’s retrace its backstory to see how “the fastest and easiest drone reality capture platform in the world” came into being.

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Drones create lovely model of China’s Shenyang Imperial Palace

Maybe someday we’ll have great 3D models of every interesting building. But this model of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in China’s Liaoning Province is a lovely addition to the growing library. If you can’t physically visit the Shenyang Imperial Palace, admire this drone 3D model of a Chinese treasure.

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