Do Skydio drones have Remote ID?

skydio drone remote id faa

Skydio aircraft have finally made it to the FAA website tracking drone manufacturer compliance with the new Remote ID rule. The FAA, on January 17, 2023, approved the Declarations of Compliance for Skydio 2+ and X2E drone models.

The FAA’s Remote ID rule for drone manufacturers was supposed to come into force on September 16, 2022, but it was effectively delayed until December 16, 2022. Nevertheless, Skydio began building Remote ID broadcasting capabilities into its drones starting September 16. For easy identification, it also marked such aircraft with a special label inside the battery tray of the drone.

So, what about Skydio drones manufactured before September 16, 2022? Well, since drone operators are not obligated to start using Remote ID-compliant products before September 16, 2023, Skydio is not worrying about bringing older models into compliance yet. However, the drone maker has assured users that a separate broadcast module or hardware modifications will not be required. The operator deadline will be met by means of a simple software update and label shipment.

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Skydio further highlights that its X2D drones utilized by the US Department of Defense or other federal agencies are intended to be offline and are generally exempt from the manufacturer requirements in the Remote ID rule.

If you own a Skydio drone, check out this comprehensive support article that makes it easy to understand whether your aircraft has Remote ID, whether Remote ID is working, how to register your drone, and more.

It’s worth highlighting that DJI was the first drone manufacturer in the world to earn the FAA’s approval for complying with the Remote ID mandate. The tech giant got as many as seven of its newest drone models approved for the Remote ID protocol in early September 2022.

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