DJI teaser leak suggests Mini 2 SE drone introduction Feb. 9 [Update]

It appears global drone giant DJI may be readying its first 2023 product launch earlier than expected, with leaked evidence suggesting a new UAV in the works could be a Mini 2 SE positioned toward the lower end of the company’s pricing scale, and currently being readied for a February 9 introduction.

Virtually nothing was known about what DJI has up its drone sleeve this time around when reliable leaker @DealsDrone posted the company’s teaser this morning on Twitter. The photo in it features a hand furtively slipping what might otherwise be a Mini 2 into a coat pocket, were it not for the “ni 2 SE” visible on one of the folded arms. 

Text in the ad – which will presumably be released by the company soon – contains only Chinese characters, except for the rendezvous information of “2023.02.09 | 11:30.”

Awaiting additional company secrets on the drone tickled out by what will now become very curious and active leakers, it’s not exactly illogical to begin speculating DJI’s first launch of the year will be another of the t’weener UAVs it has rolled out of late. Those products have thus far mostly served to fill pricing gaps by lightening some of the tech aboard already existing craft, and adjusting prices downward accordingly. 

[February 6 update]

Said leakers were even faster at work than expected, with photos of the Mini SE on sale in a store – replete with major specs displayed – as well as high resolution photos of the new DJI drone. The major information: it’s under 249 grams, has 31-minute flight capacity, 2.7 K video, and 10 km video transmission capacities. A such, it appears intended to be a step-down from the Mini 2 – see original post below – and as leaker and drone watcher Jasper Ellis tweeted, looks destined to “become DJI’s new entrance level drone.”

If so, see ya, Mini SE.

This time, though, DJI may opt to spruce up the Mini 2 with a Mini 2 SE version featuring an improved camera for better quality video and photo capabilities, or more powerful connectivity tech between the drone and controller. Or not.

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step-down variation of the Mini 2 might also make sense, however, given the pricing of drones DJI has released over the past 18 months or so. That has repeatedly featured the launch of a premium drone toward the higher end of its consumer drone line, followed by a less expensive step-down variant later.

DJI did that with its introduction last year of the Mavic Classic as a more affordable version of the previously released, top-of-the-line photography Mavic 3. That replicated its earlier rollout of the Mini SE as a wallet-friendlier option to the Mini 2. But with there only being a $150 price gap between those last two models – at $299 and $449 respectively – it may well be DJI decides to go upward this time, per its recent focus on higher priced products.

For example, the entry version of the Mini 3 introduced last year runs $599, while the Pro model fetches $759. An Avata FPV craft all on its lonesome gets $629 ($1.168 for the Fly Smart Combo); an Air 2S $999; and a Mavic Classic drone-only offer commands a stiff $1,469. 

The premium Mavic Air 2 and Mavic 3 versions both cost even more than the step-down variants, of course. Given all those rather heavy price tags, it seems logicial  DJI may now be thinking it’s time to introduce a new drone for less experienced or simply less affluent customers. Whether that’s as a Mini 2-plus or -minus is anybody’s guess. 

Either way, given DJI’s crowded product list, any new drone introduced anymore inevitably raises questions about the longevity of existing craft. 

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A more powerful Mini 2 SE as a step-up option – doubtless priced somewhere below the Mini 3’s $559 tag – could put a pinch on what has been the Mini 2’s enormous popularity since its late-2020 introduction. A step-down configuration would make less sense in terms of product development, and probably also mean curtains for the Mini SE. 

But with the scent of a new DJI drone now in the water – or air, as it were ­– it’s likely leakers will go into their habitual frenzy to unearth more details on the suspected Mini 2 SE before its presentation.

@DJIGlobal plans to reveal a new drone and judging by the caption, it could be a Mini 2 SE, tweeted Igor Bogdanov. “Sleepless nights and searching for information again. How fascinating.”

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