Spain’s Valencia to build ‘drone highway’ for UAM services

drone highway Valencia

The city of Valencia is preparing to create a “drone highway” for initial services like the delivery of medicines, and eventually open those up to human transport like air taxis.

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Telecom firm BT leads project testing the UK’s first drone corridor

British telecom operator BT is leading a consortium of businesses prepared to test the UK’s first commercial drone corridor. Dubbed Project XCelerate, the initiative is receiving government backing as part as the country’s push to boost drone-based business delivery, transport, and other services.

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New York hosts the most advanced drone testing facility in the country

The Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance (NUAIR), a coalition of private and public entities and academic institutions in New York and Massachusetts. is creating the most advanced airspace corridor in the country, right here in the state of New York. The 50-mile corridor will be used for drone safety and performance testing as well as the development of drone traffic management systems so that one day the FAA may allow drones to fly beyond line-of-sight.

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