UK Stories March 16

UK plans for medical drones as part of transportation innovation test

The UK government is trying to get people out of cars and use different means of transportation such as electric scooters. Medical drones are also being looked at to help reduce congestion.

UK Stories March 11

Today, I noticed this post on Facebook, in which Stephen Timewell explains that his(?) English Drone User Magazine (like many magazines) is going through tough times. Since reporting on drone news is limited already, I would hate to see this UK publication go away. Just now I opened an account and am waiting for their email, so that I can subscribe to their online version for £34.99. Which, btw, also gives me access to their entire back catalogue! Drone User Magazine comes out every month and features many great articles.

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UK Stories February 6

A new project announced on Wednesday by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) will explore how current laws and regulations can be developed to allow search and rescue drones to be used to in coastline rescues. The drones will reach incidents first and relay critical information back to the MCA headquarters.

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UK Stories January 28

Police in the United Kingdom will soon be able to police drones in a similar fashion to how cars are policed today. UK Police will be able to force people to land drones, which they are then able to inspect and seize if necessary.

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UK Stories January 22

UK police warn criminals: ‘You won’t be able to hide from our new drone’

In the UK, the police have warned criminals, “You won’t be able to hide from our new drone,” which can track suspects fleeing crimes such as burglary and robbery. As part of a new drone team at the Nottinghamshire Police, 15 officers are being trained as drone pilots. Once the officers arrive at the scene of a crime, a drone can be deployed within eight minutes.

UK Stories January 15

Wing Aviation, Google‘s take on drone delivery, is now venturing into the UK by starting a new holding company to possibly launch delivery drones. Formerly known as Google Wing, Wing Aviation made it out of Google X and took on drone delivery in east Australia and is currently in operation.

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