UK Stories June 25

Firefighters were called to a sinking boat at Glasson Dock Marina in Lancaster, UK early on June 23rd with the job of containing its leaking fuel. The firefighters along with a hazmat unit, boat unit, and aerial unit all worked to limit the environmental impact.

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UK Stories June 15

An man in Blackburn, England, got a massive surprise when the EHang Ghostdrone 2.0’s battery he put on charge exploded within an hour of being plugged in. The man noticed the power went out in the house and went to investigate, and found the drone on fire in the living room.

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UK Stories June 12

The West Midlands Police‘s Walsall Taskforce has taken down a weed operation running out of an unused pub in Willenhall town center last week, seeing more than $600,000 worth of weed during the raid. The task force used a drone with a thermal camera to see hotspots within the building.

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UK Stories May 21

Nottinghamshire Police in the UK have shared drone footage of a recent police chase of a man wanted in connection to a burglary. The drone was able to follow where the man was fleeing to while ground units chased after him.

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UK Stories May 20

While flying a mission to find a man on the lam, Devon and Cornwall Police drone operators came across an unusual piece of artwork that had been cut into a field to resemble a familiar shape.

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UK Stories March 16

UK plans for medical drones as part of transportation innovation test

The UK government is trying to get people out of cars and use different means of transportation such as electric scooters. Medical drones are also being looked at to help reduce congestion.

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